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Mystery Tube Sale

£60.00 / Sold Out

3 or 4 prints in each Mystery Tube
Original art
Test Prints
Rare posters
+ 1 tube will contain the Golden Ticket for a 1/1 personal screen print
Limited Mystery Tubes available

This will be an amazing opportunity to get hold of some highly collectible and sought after screen prints (Artist Proofs & Printer Proofs) many that have previously been sold out AND an awesome chance to win a ‘Golden Ticket’ - your own personal screen print (1/1 ) designed by Raid71 & signed (with the subject matter chosen by the Golden Ticket holder).

Use The Force (RARE)
Here Goes Nothing (RARE)
Urban Sprawl (RARE)
Spider-man Vs Venom (RARE)
Cultural Impact – Green (RARE)
Spider-Man Vs Doc Ock FOIL
Blade Runner 2049
Blade Runner (2018)
Singing In The Rain
DareDevil (RARE)
Don't Walk Variant (RARE)
Fantastic Mr Fox (RARE)
Nightmare Before Christmas GID (RARE)
Howls Moving Castle,
Princess Mononoke
Judge Dredd 40th Anniversary
Watchmen (RARE)
Wizard of Oz
Tsukamori (Totoro)
Watership Down (RARE)
King Kong
Spider-Man Vs Goblin Printer Proofs (RARE 1/1),
Spider-Man Vs Vulture (RARE)
20,000 Leagues Under The Sea
Finding Dory
Calvin & Hobbes Spiff/Daydreams (RARE)
Batman (RARE)
David Lynch (RARE)
Star Trek
Hellnuts (RARE)
Iron Man
Mad Max (RARE)
Not yet released prints, sketches, rare test prints and much more..

*Please allow upto 3 weeks for shipping, max 3 tubes per person, all tubes prepared before shipping with address labels placed on randomly
*All mystery tubes shipped with tracking
*International shipping available